Week Nine| Journal & Completed Assignments

For this weeks blog Dawn requested that I embed a video montage into the post. I really love how this came out for an intimate wedding. The video montage gives viewers the option to fully indulge in the experience with music to set the mood. The sneak preview collage is set up in a way where those who would like to scroll through can do so and get the general picture of the experience. However, the way the pictures are set up also entice those to watch the video to see what else happened during the event.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.08.42 AM

This week we also had a chance to shoot the Instagram/Pinterest shoot. When Dawn was instructing us I could relate a lot of what she was saying back to Graphic Design. As designers we often use a grid of some sort, this applies to photographers as well. The “rule of thirds” is a grid-like (3 up,/ 3 across) formation that photographers keep in mind when photographing a subject. The goal is to place a subject on any of the intersections of these imaginary lines. Dawn also spoke about F-Stop, Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO, and how they all affect lighting. I’m getting the hang of it…slowly. She also showed us the difference between a professional camera and starter cameras. One thing is for certain professional cameras way a ton because of all the glass components! They also contain sensors that, for example, can pick up multiple shades of grey. Starter cameras like my Nikon D 3200 are more prone to guessing what color grey to pick up on resulting in one color. Color for photographers matters just as much as it does to us designers! Dawn also showed us the difference between using a 100mm and 55mm lens. A 100mm is perfect for up close and personal details. Something that would come in very handy for product shots! I was a bit letdown because these lenses are so expensive, but Dawn let me in on a little tip that you can buy an extension to turn your current lens into a 100mm. I found a pack of them on eBay for a fraction of the cost of a traditional lens!  These are a few shots I took for blogging purposes. More pictures coming soon!



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