Week Six| Work in Progress

This is the second album I am working on for Dawn.This is probably the “big project” I will be working on this summer. So what makes this different from the last book? Well…every artist has their “it” work that they feel is their absolute best. In fact Dawn usually waits six months before she does anything with her sample albums and blogs, but this one is different. She took these last month! The lighting and setting is perfect (I must agree). We are all very excited about these. I talked her into doing a photo wrap around cover for this one. I feel that with them being so modern and sleek that it just screams “make me a wrap around cover!” The all around contemporary look suits these well, especially in layout form. Will post more over the next few weeks!

Oh, and almost forgot…I went on a mini adventure to office depot with Ashlyn to get supplies for “Leave behind project.”=)

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.21.31 PM copy


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