Week Four|Journal

This week I worked on and completed the album that will go to print. This was probably my favorite project I have had so far. The cool thing is Dawn loved it so much that she sent a preview version to one of her brides and they loved it too! I won’t post spreads just yet of the work. It takes about three weeks for the order to be completed from RedTree.com. RedTree specializes in custom hand made albums and do beautiful work. I am very excited to see the finished result and will post pictures in a few weeks!

We also discussed a “leave behind package design project” for Dawn to send her clients with a flash drive of their photos. Ashlyn (the other intern) came up with some great ideas to start with. It is now our jobs to come up with a mock concept, budget, and gift idea for the packaging. I did some research and found customizable compact mirrors where Dawn can place an image from the couples engagement shoot. I am also playing around with a few ideas for a designer thank you card, sticker to seal the box, and a custom stencil to ArmorEtch Dawn’s logo on the little glass container that will house the flash drive. It is all in the early stages of development, will post more on the subject over the next few weeks!


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