Journal | Week One


The first week went well. I am happy with this internship. I see a lot of potential in learning how to run a small business. One thing I noticed Dawn do a lot was check the time! This action kept things running smooth the entire work session. We even got to do a little side project of hunting for a possible new office location in Montclair. I did however open a tiny can of worms by suggesting Valley Road locations. She fell in love with the area! =) She started training off with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), tagging, linking, running through photo logo placement mockups, and general functions on WordPress. Still trying to sort all the blogging functions when designing a page. However, even though the learning curve can be frustrating, I am viewing it as an opportunity for picking up new tricks that I never knew existed on WordPress. I requested a bit more train time with Dawn so I will become more efficient in building blog pages for her site. Until next week?


5 in the morning and we were off to Asbury Park for an Engagement session shoot. The couple was wonderful, the cold was not! Other than that it was an awesome learning experience to see Dawn interact with a client and give them direction. I also met the other intern, whom is very nice about giving my amateur self shooting tips. Our post shoot lesson was cut short by a beach worker when he jumped off his sand sifter and proceeded to excitedly ask in a heavy Southern accent, “What are ya’ll shootin’ with, I have 123 cameras?” Dawn was nice and humored him. He ran back to his tractor and brought back pictures of his (indeed 123 vintage) cameras. He then proceeded to teach us how to beat the Ebay and Amazon system on buying cameras, tell Dawn she had impeccable shooting technique, and that he thought the Bride was hot (he didn’t seem to notice the groom.) Then the conversation became a bit more awkward when he asked if she had ever shot “paranormal” and that he has seen plenty of ghosts on the boardwalk, because loved ones like to throw cremated ashes on the beach. (Yes, the very beach that we were just frolicking on!) He put our minds at ease by saying “Don’t worry, I jus’ sift em’ up!” (Thank you sir, I am so comforted!) Dawn politely excused us so that we could be on our way. It may seem insignificant but, as funny as it was, it demonstrated how to act professionally in a situation such as that. Dawn later explained to us that as a photographer instances like this are not uncommon. I guess there is just something magically attractive about someone holding a camera!


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