Month: June 2014

Week Three| Completed Assignments / Journal Entry


This is my fifth blog. I am finally Comfortable with SEO. It really is an important tool for bloggers. I may even consider adding a blog to my future portfolio site. Blogging is such a great way to give viewers a perspective of how you work, what your views are, personality and etc. As for the watermark issue. I think Dawn is finally happy with her pick (Choice #4). She wanted something elegant/modern and clean that wouldn’t be intrusive to the viewer. This was my favorite pick as well. Check it out below:

Blog-Photo-SignaturesThis is the new Project Dawn has me working on. If she likes it she is going to have a full 12X12 version of the book printed. She showed me one of the albums. It was perfect bound in white leather and had thick, cardboard pages. This book she explained, “I want it to be more artistic”…and no words! This is quite challenging. As a designer I must solely rely on a white background, grid lines, full bleeds and a story. It has been a refreshing experience. Working with what you have really can inspire out of the box thinking. I will admit I was quite excited that I was able to match the perfect story line of photos in spread three and create a seamless ocean horizon line. I also love the story flow of the opening spread and the way it bleeds off the page at one side, yet contained on the other. The second spread with the puppy had me stumped for a bit. I didn’t want to interfere with the story flow, but I couldn’t find a photo that balanced out the black/white and color on the other page. This beautiful picture of this grey ball of fluff and striped blue couch blurred in the background was just what I needed to balance everything out. =)Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.59.23 AM copy 2






Compleated Assignments / Journal | Week Two

Blogging these posts on Dawn’s site are so much fun! Yes, they take a lot of work, but the finished product is worth it. She does such great work that every time I go through the selection process I end up feeling like I attended the event! I also love seeing the comments from her fans on facebook when these posts go live. The joy that it brings them is worth the hours that go into these. =)

 Blog Setup 3


Blog Setup 4


Research | Week One

My Research:

The Rundown:

  • Algorithms Google/Bing

  • Search engines are like the librarians of the Internet. Links and keywords help narrow down what a user is looking for. Wording matters.

  • Links connect your site with other sites

  • Links matter but overdoing it can cause the search engine to red flag your site thinking that you are spamming.

  • Fresh content is crucial

The Rundown:

  • 70 million users, and growing

  • Pinterest has added a business page option. You can even change a personal page into a business page.

  • You can now have animated gif files! (sorry dorked out their for a moment)

  • Rich pins are a business’ friend. You can add more detail, which is better for SEO

  • There are five types of rich pins: (copied from the article)

  • Article pins include the headline, author, story description and link

  • Product pins include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy

  • Recipe pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info

  • Movie pins include ratings, cast members and reviews

  • Place pins include an address, phone number and map

  • RE-ORDER BOARDS TO MATCH CHANGING SEASONS! (Hot topic in photography)

  • Statistics say taller pics are re-pined more often.

  • Remember image sizes

  • Ideal for profile pic: 165 X 165 pixels

  • Pinwords” share quotes and tips in a visually appealing way. (Instant generator)

  • The Rundown: (according to Pinterest)

  • Know your audience

  • when creating boards things to keep in mind are: theme, inspiration factor, topic, and use of beautiful imagery and visuals.

  • Share your pins by: repining, advertising your Pinterest on Facebook,

  • Twitter, word of mouth, website and etc.

  • OVERALL-Pinterest is a giant mood board

The Rundown: (according to twitter)

  • Limited to 140 characters per post

  • Tweets and # are great for keeping your followers updated on what you are doing in the now and generating business.

  • See what your competitors are up to. Pick up some new tricks.

  • If you buy Twitter Ads the may help strengthen you business through creating traffic and views.

  • OVERALL great way to keep customers in the loop on new deals, upcoming events, and etc.

  • Again, know your audience.

The Rundown: (according to Facebook)

  • Over a billion users

  • (For Dawns purposes) Concentration in building awareness

  • Know your Audience

  • Advertise

  • Create compelling content

  • Connect your other blogs with Facebook. (Facebook is essentially the hub in connecting your website, Pinterest, Twitter, and etc.)

The Rundown:

  • Know your audience

  • Choose captivating images that will draw followers

  • Debute Videos

  • Follow your followers (great for inspiration)

  • Posting Plan

  • Don’t use Instagram’s filters (especially for pro photography)

  • Photo Contests! (this would be a great way to generate followers and engage the ones you have)

  • Pay attention to trends

  • ####!!!! (very important)

  • Display fun times in the working environment

  • Instagram OVERALL is a fun based application. Followers look to it for new trends, work, and just to get an overall sense of who you are as a business.

The Rundown: (according to Google+)

  • Over a million users

  • (For Dawns purposes)Concentration in building awareness

  • Know your Audience

  • Advertise

  • Create compelling content

  • Connect your other blogs with Facebook. (Facebook is essentially the hub in connecting your website, pinterest, twitter, and etc.)

  • RED FLAG: Google plus is not preferred over Facebook and does not have the same audience range. BUT google is also forcing user and roles google plus materials on ones profile into SEO.


Prime Time to Post on Blog Forums:

  • Monday and Thursday

  • at 11AM


Side Entry | Instagram Suggestion|Week Two

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 11.44.44 PM


After finding a minor problem with uploading pictures to Instagram, I came up with a suggestion that will help draw users to Dawn’s page. She loved it! The other intern and I now have a budget to collaborate on these mini shoots. Idea will also cary over to Pinterest. (More Coming Soon.)

Work Summary


  • Researched Business end of:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pintrest
  • Instagram
  • SEO
  • image selection process [100 pics,Wedding shoot/50+ pics, Engagement shoot]
  • Set up Logo Batch Action (for the next intern)
  • Logo placement on blog entry photos
  • Started filing system for blog content (for the next intern)
  • setting up website blog pages SEO/ Layouts/ Body Content
  • Photo Layouts


  • Blogs completed so far:

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 6.30.56 PM

  • Research Instagram shoot ideas (sketches/concepts, walked through art stores for inspiration and pricing, budgeting, internet research and inspiration)
  • Image selection process [130 pics, Wedding shoot/50+ pics, Engagement shoot]
  • Photo Layouts
  • Set up blog pages SEO/ Layouts/ Body Content


  • Blog Photo Watermark Options
  • Watermark placement
  • image selection process [50+ pics, Engagement shoot]
  • Photo Layouts
  • Set up blog page SEO/ Layouts/ Body Content
  • book spreads


  • 1st album layout
  • start of leave behind/package design project


  • Blog Work (see weeks 1-3 above for specifics)
  • Instagram/Pintrest shoot tags


  • 2nd Album layout (start)
  • Mini adventure to office depot with Ashlyn to get supplies for “Leave behind project”


  • Blog Work (see weeks 1-3 above for specifics)