New Concept For App

Angela Bunnicant

Web Design

Concept brief for Iphone App

Name: NYClegacy

Tagline: Explore, A city like no other

March 26, 2014

For my Iphone App I will be creating a NYC informational/locator themed application that will be based off of the NYC Open Data Bank. It will feature information in regards to time honored events such as: feasts, tree lightings, parades and  New York City Iconic hotspots such as Katz Delicatessen, The Empire State Building,  Statue of Liberty and any other “traditional” hot spot that one would read or hear about.

The app will contain:

-A (walking GPS) that will also tell the user what other hotspots are nearest to them.

-A (My favorites Button) and drop down menu.

-A (Select a Borough) drop down menu.

-A (Hot Spot) drop down.

-A (Traditional Event) drop down.

-An informational page for each location’s, address, event date and a brief history.

-A deals link if one available for event.


-Traditional black and white photography.

-Modern/sleek buttons.


NYC Open Data:



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