Iphone App Concept Brief & Mood Board

Angela Bunnicant

Web Design

Concept brief for Iphone App

Name: NYC Connection

Tagline: Your tour guide buddy, who will always show you a good time.

March 19, 2014

For my Iphone App I will be creating a NYC Entertainment themed application that will be based off of the NYC Open Data Bank. It will feature events that are taking place around the city, entertainment venues such as museums, theaters, plays, parties, and other fun local hot spots.  The app is geared toward college kids, socialites, groups of friends or just  for the occasional date night. The app’s main purpose is to connect the user to their interests and to fellow New York buddies with ease. The days of being overwhelmed by “what should we do in the city” will be forever changed. Users can now look up events taking place during the day or evening based upon their interests, all in one convenient place. The hassle of having to search through endless WebPages and Google searches will be replaced by access within a fingertip reach.

The app will feature a main splash screen that will display the app’s logo, quick glance sections of upcoming events and grand openings, discounts associated with the app, and search options according to interests, such as a quick generator that adjusts to your recent activity on the app. A section will also be added where the user can make the app plan a day or night in the city from whatever information is provided (from pricing average of the day to what kind of food you are in the mood for.) Some utilities that will be displayed on the home page are Walking GPS, Driving GPS, Rate n’ Review, My Favorites, View Friends and Quick Chat.   The app will also feature a scroll map that will display thumbtacks and landmarks according to what search options the user inputs. Just think of it as your personal tour guide buddy, who will always show you a good  time.



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