Concept for Re-design of InsanaTea Website

Angela Bunnicant
February 1, 2014
InsaniTea Website Concept

Issues With Existing Site:

  • -No Shopping Page (for both the company and the companies they support)
  • -Unappealing Logo
  • -Slow ScreenTransition (blur filter effect)
  • -Menu Overwhelming to Sift Through
  • -Menu in Download PDF Form
  • -Site Content Lacking
  • -no photos
  • -text heavy

Positives To Highlight in Re-Designed Site:

  • -Ecco Friendly Company
  • -No Styrofoam
  • -Donates Compost to Local Gardens.
  • -Furnishings and Fixtures are Recycled
  • -10% Off If You Bring Your Own Mug
  • -10% Off If You Bring Your Own Tea Tin When You Refill It
  • -Focused On Quality
  • -Does Business with Local Artisans and Crafters
  • -Holds Entertainment Events

InsaniTea is a local coffee and tea shop located in Montclair, New Jersey on Bloomfield Avenue. The environment is different and quirky, and although I would never sit on their couches (because God only knows where they have been), I must admit their products are quite tasty. It has a 4 ½ star rating, and if one is looking for a change in routine this place is worth stoping by. If you like the whole hip/hippie/hipster scene, exotic tea’s, entertainment and a sense of community this may be the place for you.

In redesigning their Website and Logo, I would suggest a number of things that would help the overall flow of navigation, look and feel, such as adding sub pages, adding a more exciting about page, a shopping page and a specific page to help display their main product, Tea.

A Tea Catalog subcategory under menu could really solve a lot of the issues of Menu clutter and really letting the product shine, as well as installing a tea catalog, where customers can learn and try something new with ease. Also, as of now there is only a shout out to some of their other affiliates, by adding a shopping page, all of the small companies involved can grow stronger as a network.

The shops logo may look insane but not in a very good way. Its use of fonts, image and color clash and contains no hierarchy. I would like to play up the charm of InsaniTea’s quirkiness by creating a logo that is more modern yet reminiscent of the 70’s. The idea I have come up with will illustrate simple yet bold imagery and playfulness with color. I

The site as of now feels cluttered and text heavy, I plan to rearrange the information in a way that is more appealing and less tiresome to they eyes, and use of images to emphasis what the company is about. My main goal is to design a product that is multifunctional across all device platforms that supports the creativity aspect that the company stems from.



  1. You have very clear ideas and I thought it was a good idea how you outlined what you want to highlight on your site. Your mood boards also have clear themes, but you could include fonts for the site and also words that explain the feeling you want to create.

  2. I agree that a site for Insanitea should be much simpler. Almost like it belongs to Urban outfitters I guess to fit the hipster vibe. I think I am just confused about the multiple layouts you have and your mood boards. It seems like a lot of information to process so I couldn’t really get the feel of what you were thinking visually.

  3. I really liked the reasons you gave to redesign the website. You were very clear with what was wrong with it and what you would do to fix it and I agree with all of that. However, I think some of the stuff on your mood board contradicted each other a little so I didn’t really get a good feel of what exactly you were going for with it.

  4. Love the mood board because you can sense a warmth and can almost smell coffee when you look at it. The colors and are very well selected and i love how you’ve organized your thoughts. (wish i would’ve done something like this. lol )

  5. Thanks for making a list of what’s wrong with the website and what you planned to do in your design. As a fellow classmate mentioned before, it would have been nice to see which typeface you will choose. Or at least something to give us a feel of in which direction you will go according to a font. Meaning, if you were choosing a san serif then your design will look more modern and less classic as if you were using a serif. Overall, it shows that you know what you want to do with your design, what you will include and how that will affect current and potential customers.

  6. I agree with the comments of your mood boards. Definitely follow through with them to promote the identity of the shop. I think you first mood board will work best in terms of overall look and feel of the site.

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