Project Plan and Calendar

Major Redo’s

Hydra Energy Tea Project


What makes this product unique and project worthy?

The health effects of ingredients  contained in energy drinks have been a strong subject of debate. A product that promises to deliver not only energy, but also health benefits, would supply a consumer with a product that could easily become a part of their day to day routine safely.

What elements need to be stronger?

-Logo is lacking in personality

-Package design concept doesn’t take Greek origin into consideration and has a generic look and feel

Target Audience ?

Ages: 16-35

  • health conscious
  • sensitive to certain chemicals in energy drinks
  • want great taste

Fizzy Vines Wine Project


What makes this product unique and project worthy?

The British are not only big on their beer! Hard ciders have become increasingly popular not only in the U.K. but also around  the world.

What elements need to be stronger?

-Changing the product to Hard Cider instead of wine

-New logo and Name

-3 more characters that represent the variations of cider offered in sample 6 pack

Target Audience?

Ages: 21+

  • want something a bit tart and not too sweet something
  • want an alternative to beer or wine coolers
  • like to sample new beers and ciders

Oddball Confectionaries Project


What makes this product unique and project worthy?

Chocolate goes great with a lot of not so typical flavors and foods. Oddball Confectionaries is the circus freak of chocolate. Chocolate combinations such as covered crickets and potato chips, and chocolate infused with bacon and jalapeno peppers are only a few of the fun and weird flavors.

What elements need to be stronger?

Project has no previous design


-Not going too animal cracker with it

Target Audience?

Ages: All

  • want to be daring
  • like unique candy
  • chocolate lovers
  • gifting

Insanitea Website Project


What makes this product unique and project worthy?

Online tea shop, tea info and bookstore.

What elements need to be stronger?

-Change to online company

-Logo & Name

-Solidify new concept

Target Audience?

Ages: 18+

  • those who enjoy tea and reading


Expansions with Same Concept

  • Ben n Jerry’s Beatles Posters
  • Designyc Paint Cans Promotional Piece and Tshirts to go along with the poster“OUR MISSIONWe mobilize professional designers to donate their passion and expertise to pro bono projects, and match them with nonprofits in need.”(Fictional Awareness Campaign From Project aim: Designyc empowers New York to make art for a cause that is important to the artist and bring awareness to it, no matter if it is about art programs being the first to be cut from schools or raising awareness for breast cancer. The concept behind “Let’s Paint this Town CMYK” is much like raising awareness with different colored ribbons, except artists get to speak through art and design. 

Projects that need Tweaking

Need Major Tweaking:

  • Tart Website
  • Sweetooth Magazin
  • NYC Foodies AP

Minor Tweaking:

  • TDC Type Poster
  • NJPack Poster and T-shirt


  • Internship projects: Packaging/Album
  • London: Poster and Book spreads
  • Promethean

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